Monday, October 31, 2005

New Job

I knew we were all going to get along great after the first day we met. We all looked at each other when we saw the empty office and new furniture, chairs, or office supplies, but we persevered and became working partners. We had to put three work stations together along with the filing cabinets. They look great and the office is organized, neat and supplied with the basics. We have a bulletin board that I decorated (love that die cut machine) and the room is bright and functional.

Gloria and I went to a meeting in Arkansas on the 20th of October. We learned how a Title III grant works and how the money should be appropriated. It was a very worth while trip and the scenery was beautiful.

We are currently working on the Policies and Procedures Manual for Title III for our specific grant. It is going to be available to anyone who want to know what we do for this grant. Hopefully people will understand what the grant is for and how beneficial it will be in the long run.

There will be more to come in the later weeks, but for now this has been an interesting and exciting month.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Pat's past 3 weeks of October

Our Title III group met today for our regular Monday morning meeting. We coordinate schedules for the week and let each other know what we plan to concentrate on for the past week.

We'll need to develop a "Time and Effort" report monthly, so this post will address briefly what I've been up to the past couple of weeks. I'm too young too have a "senior" moment, but let me tell you, it's easy to forget a lot of little things one does, so this forum will help aid my memory when it comes time to fill out "the real thing".

I begin each day with time devoted to finding "what people are doing with technology" articles. It's amazing what types of things are being done in K-12 today. I believe this to be our anchor, as many high schools have rich technology programs in their curriculums and these are the students whom we will have as their next contact.

I've spent a week researching blogs and their use in business & industry and in the classroom. I think many people see these as a "hobby" where people write in them as a "diary". Blogs are much more than that. Besides the traditional "live journal" or "diary", they are used to create websites. In this manner, one doesn't need to know FrontPage or Dreamweaver or a graphic software program like PhotoShop. It's a way to make your presence on the web without technical knowledge.

It's also used as a discussion tool. You can create a group blog with each member of the group having access to it, tocreate discussion or add to discussion.

They're also used as a means to let others see your research. Whether it's articles you've read and discussed or links that you've found.

I've created a blog for our Title III group to see how to create one for one, but for two to see what will transpire down the road because we utilize it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From JPert's Desk . . .

What are we doing and why are we doing it this way?

These questions flow from my corner of the office daily as I work on revising our current programs of print journalism and radio broadcasting. I have quite the heavy burden upon my shoulders. It is my responsibility to see what CCCC is doing now in the areas, determine strengths and weaknesses, and then figure out how to keep the strengths strong and strengthen the weaknesses.

How am I doing?

With the help of my daily consultations with Gloria, the project director, admissions personnel, and web sites of Kansas 4-year universities I believe that I am well on the way to designing a program that will: (1) adequately prepare Cloud students for careers in journalism or broadcasting; (2) enable students to transfer into 4-year programs with a strong background and a number of equivalent transfer credits; and (3) be a top-notch, competitive 2-year program.

What have I done?
So far, I have created new courses for the program, combined current courses, and placed courses from other divisions and departments into the degree requirements that I feel are necessary to take to be a journalist or broadcaster.

What will I continue to do?
I'll be writing, sorting, and organizing competencies to ensure that Cloud students will be enrolling into courses that will benefit them whether they are planning to transfer or head onto a career path. I'll be consulting with current faculty and with industry experts to ensure that what we are teaching in the revised program is what needs to be taught.

When will we see the changes implemented?
The new courses will go through instructional services this spring and all new and revised courses will be put on the schedule for Fall 2005. The construction on the new radio station location and the journalism/graphic design lab in Tech West will be completed over the summer and be ready for use next fall as well, if not sooner. (wishful thinking, but I am optimistic)

I invite you to come check out our office anytime; we are located across from Advising and Financial Aid. (next to Housing) When you stop in, ask us what we are doing. We love to keep people informed of how we are working to strengthen Cloud County Community College. We are CSI: CCCC Strengthening Institutions - Title III.

In the beginning . . .

I was to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 8:00 a.m. a couple of weeks ago to begin my new job.----But what---- No Desks? No Chairs? ---I saw only three other wide-eyed women peering through the bare window of the "office".

These ladies are my teammates. They are the ones I will toil with in good times or in bad; in sickness and in health; till grant objectives completed do we part.

As our positions were newly created and funded by a grant, our furniture was yet to be delivered and put together. What better way to get to know someone (and each others breaking point) than to put together desks and chairs? --The group made up entirely of females!! Now that may sound a little stereotypical, but you should have seen us using power tools AND reading diagrams!!

Needless to say there were times when we put parts of our desks backwards; times where we had to do and undo what we'd done numerous times---but we persevered.

It was amazing how well we got along. No one shouted at each other or called each other names. The best part was no fingers were accidentally power-screwed to a desk!

This was a great team-building experience. In a sense we were doing what we'll ask our faculty to do:
  1. Collaborate
  2. Don't be afraid to try new things
  3. Never fear technology (yah power tools!!)
  4. Learner-centered environments do work
  5. If at first you don't succeed---try, try again.

By the way--those desks and chairs look great!! Oprah, if you're reading this, perhaps Nate could give us a tip or two on enhancing our environment as we'll be busy aiding others into enhancing their curriculums with technology.

As a side note: Our Administrative Assistant, Cathy turned out to be quite the "Ty-ra" Pennington!