Thursday, January 19, 2006


Pictures: Above-Jenny facilitates the gathering of task statements while working with a panel of experts from McGraw-Hill Company.
Left - Jenny and Gloria enjoy the night life outside of Schmitz, a German restaurant in the German Village of downtown Columbus.

Thursday: Wow! What an exhausting day. Today we were given the chance to apply what we've learned and observed this week by working with a real life panel of experts. I worked with Returns Processors from McGraw-Hill. The day went really well and I was really comfortable with the situation. It was really much easier doing it than I had anticipated. At the end of the day, my panel had accomplished 3/4 of the process, so Friday promises to be a breeze. Gloria's group went well too - and we are both ready to go home.

Our after-workshop activities were the best. We went down to German Village and ate authentic German food. Gloria said that the apple strudle was the best, and I really enjoyed my chocolate cream puff. After the supper had a chance to be driven through the OSU campus. What amazing facilities they have - my husband would have drooled at the size of the indoor practice facility.

What else to say? We are both dreading our long day tomorrow and our many hours of sitting in airports waiting for a plane. While our experience has been valuable here, I miss my babies and husband and just want to go home. This will probably conclude my daily debriefing - I'll wrap up the DACUM experience when we return home and I've had a day or two to reflect.

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Blogger PattyB of Title 3 said...

Love the picture of you both in German town!! Cool!! Apple strudel and chocolate creme puffs? I'm drooling!!

Sounds like you're getting alot out of the DACUM workshop! You'll have lots to tell us when you get back!!

8:29 AM  

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