Monday, January 16, 2006



Gloria and I left Sunday morning for Kansas City. Our plane was scheduled to depart around 3:20. We arrived around 2 p.m. with plenty of time. After grabbing a bagel sandwich for $8.50 we decided to enter the gate area. Ten minutes later, following the ceremonial passing through the guards-shoeless and possessionless and me being accosted by a female security office with a wand, we took a seat near our gate. Looking up to the flight board we learned that our flight would be delayed until 3:38. Minutes later we were on the plane and ready to depart. Flight to Cleveland was smooth and we enjoyed our complimentary snack basket and soda. (I wanted a margarita, but thought it over and decided against it-they were $5.00)

Cleveland: We landed around 6:30, departed the plane and went to find a place to eat. Two escalators later and a mile of moving walkway we found ourselves at a little place called Max and Erma's, where hooting fans were watching the Carolina Panthers and someone. Gloria and I weren't that interested. Our flight was scheduled to begin boarding at 8:05, so we finished eating and headed back to our gate. We arrived and noticed that our flight was delayed to 9:00. So, we sat and sat and sat and sat. Next to our gate a flight to South Bend was loading, so we were able to see many Notre Dame students on their way back to school. Finally loaded the plane and waited for the pilots - they were late on a flight from Syracuse. Once in the air, at around 9:15, we were up and down in 30 minutes.

Columbus: We arrived at our destination - 20 minutes later than scheduled. After claiming our luggage we called out hotel and asked for a shuttle. No shuttle, they said, after 10 p.m. So, we managed to find a cab and take a 25 minute ride to the hotel. Once in our rooms, we unpacked, called home, and settled in for the night.

Signing off- More on Monday.


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