Monday, January 16, 2006


Photo: Jenny and Gloria look through some task analysis charts during the first day of DACUM Facilitator Training on the campus of Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.


Today was a cognitive day-as our trainer Bob Norton put it. We absorbed a large amount of information. It seemed like the longer it went, the more confused we got. We did find ourselves discussing how we see this process as being very beneficial on campus, not just for Title III purposes.

We met some very interesting people. A few of the other attendees are from educational area. There is a doctoral student at Southern Illinois attending- she is originally from Trinidad.

We did receive some homework for this evening - working on analyzing task statements. At this point that seems to be the most difficult part of the process-determining what is a duty, task, and step for a job.

Tonight we went to Lennox Shopping Center to shop a little and eat at Champs Restaurant. I think we are both tired. As I write this, Gloria is asleep in the bed across the room. Tomorrow promises to be more valuable as we observe a demonstration DACUM panel and begin some situational role playing. We're on our way to being DACUM facilitators.

More on Tuesday!


Blogger PattyB of Title 3 said...

It sounds like you both took in alot of information today! I'm sure you'll be bringing back lots of valuable information for our facility.
Too bad the weather isn't cooperating, but then with both your sunny smiles you'll brighten your surroundings!!
It is my task AND duty to finish eating my bear claw!
Take care and get a good nights rest

9:44 AM  

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