Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From JPert's Desk . . .

What are we doing and why are we doing it this way?

These questions flow from my corner of the office daily as I work on revising our current programs of print journalism and radio broadcasting. I have quite the heavy burden upon my shoulders. It is my responsibility to see what CCCC is doing now in the areas, determine strengths and weaknesses, and then figure out how to keep the strengths strong and strengthen the weaknesses.

How am I doing?

With the help of my daily consultations with Gloria, the project director, admissions personnel, and web sites of Kansas 4-year universities I believe that I am well on the way to designing a program that will: (1) adequately prepare Cloud students for careers in journalism or broadcasting; (2) enable students to transfer into 4-year programs with a strong background and a number of equivalent transfer credits; and (3) be a top-notch, competitive 2-year program.

What have I done?
So far, I have created new courses for the program, combined current courses, and placed courses from other divisions and departments into the degree requirements that I feel are necessary to take to be a journalist or broadcaster.

What will I continue to do?
I'll be writing, sorting, and organizing competencies to ensure that Cloud students will be enrolling into courses that will benefit them whether they are planning to transfer or head onto a career path. I'll be consulting with current faculty and with industry experts to ensure that what we are teaching in the revised program is what needs to be taught.

When will we see the changes implemented?
The new courses will go through instructional services this spring and all new and revised courses will be put on the schedule for Fall 2005. The construction on the new radio station location and the journalism/graphic design lab in Tech West will be completed over the summer and be ready for use next fall as well, if not sooner. (wishful thinking, but I am optimistic)

I invite you to come check out our office anytime; we are located across from Advising and Financial Aid. (next to Housing) When you stop in, ask us what we are doing. We love to keep people informed of how we are working to strengthen Cloud County Community College. We are CSI: CCCC Strengthening Institutions - Title III.


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